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When Creativity Takes Over...

As a child growing up in Santa Cruz CA, I loved art. I could draw pretty well, took up photography during my high school years, and was told by many teachers I had an artistic gift. I appreciated the compliments, but it was a calling I largely ignored as I pursued a business career. After receiving my B.S. Business Administration Degree from the University of the Pacific, I spent nearly two successful decades in the corporate world, before starting my own photography company in 2013.


"I'm a corporate guy who had the desire to become a professional photographer", was my explanation at the time. However, upon reflection, I learned that I've always been an Artist. I had spent years trying to fit into a mold that didn't feel completely natural. Today, I appreciate the marriage between my artistic expression and years of training in the business world.


Since 2013, my business has expanded beyond Steve Scurich Photography. I serve as an Instructor with McKay Photography Academy, where we take people on tours all over the world. Our clients love learning how to take great photographs in amazing places! Additionally, I'm a co-founder of an online community called, Photo Enthusiast Network (PEN) - which started in November 2017. This is a group of the friendliest people out there, with a passion to improve photography skills and share in the journey together. Links to these companies and more are provided below and on my Contact Page. Please check them out!

Today, most of my for-hire work is commercial/residential real estate, commissioned landscape, and sales of large format print images. Additionally, I've been an active member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since 2013, where multiple awards are showcased on my Portfolio page. In 2021 I earned the degree of Master Photographer (M.Photog.) after 6 years of competing in PPA International Image Competitions and serving the non-profit photographer community. A highlight in my career to be sure. 


After living and working in places like San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles; my wife René and I now call Cincinnati OH, home. Thank you for stopping by, please take a look around and feel free to reach out to me...


Links to my other businesses ventures

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